Lindsay Trulson

Owner/Instructor: I am certified in pre and postnatal fitness. I became the owner in October of 2015.

Little Nuggets: I have two active, spunky, amazing little boys. Larsy, was born in 2013 and Landon in 2015.

Thoughts About FIT4MOM: I LOVE Fit4Mom! I started coming when Larsy was a baby and fell in love with the program; everything about it. I love the workouts because I can see a difference in my body; I'm more toned and have more endurance after being a part of this program. It is so fun for me to see my sons enjoy the workouts as well. They sing the songs and practice the exercises at home and they've made the best little buddies. I love that they get to see me enjoying exercise because its setting the right example for them. And I LOVE the village. The mom's are all amazing people and being around them each day inspires me. Fit4Mom brings exercise and community into one place which I think is so important for everyone, but Mom's especially because if we're not active about taking care of ourselves and creating community, life can be a bit...rough.

What Else Are You Passionate About: I am an Early Childhood and Family Studies major from the University Of Washington, so the ages of my kids is so fun for me right now because they're what I spend years studying. I love interacting with them and watching them develop. And my husband is amazing, spending time with him is the best! I also love to cook and bake. Making meals from scratch not only tastes amazing to me, but actually cooking/baking relaxes me. And I love to go on adventures, exploring new places and trying out new restaurants!

One piece if advice for new moms regarding our FIT4MOM programs: Come join us!! Don't hesitate because you don't know anybody. You will instantly have friends and a community. We have playgroups every week and Mom's Night Out each month. We encourage each other and support one another. I know sometimes that can be hard to believe because Mom's aren't always encouraged by others the way they should be, but JUST COME! You will see how amazing this group of Mom's and kiddos are!

Future Goal: I want to continue to see myself gaining strength and endurance so I can keep up with my boys as they grow older. I also want to reach the many moms in this area that will benefit from this program. I didn't have a solid community before starting Stroller Strides and it was life changing for me, I want to see as many moms experience this program as possible!

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